Top Places we recommend you Visit When In France

France is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist destinations of the world as it attracts nearly a hundred million tourists every year. Apart from the historic attractions and rich culture, the region is also known for its scenic beauty of the Alps. Visitors from all over the world come here to enjoy the food and drinks of the region. The place is well known for its tasty wines and you should never miss this on your vacation to the beautiful location.  France is a truly a romantics destination!!!

Eiffel Tower

The world famous landmark is made of 8000 metallic components that was designed by Gustave Eiffel in the year 1889. In the early days, it was designed to be a temporary exhibit during the world fair. However, it still continues to attract visitors from all over the world. It is also popularly known as Iron Lady and you can get to see the stunning view of Paris from the top level of the tower.

Louvre Museum

This hosts some of the most exotic fine arts, including the world famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo DA Vinci. You can also get to see the Venus De Milo that belongs to the 1st century BC in this amazing museum. In earlier days, the kings of Louvre maintained the collection. You will be surprised to know that the place has more than thirty thousand artworks that include several masterpieces by world renowned artists.

Cote dAzur

The amazing coastal city is also popularly known as the French Riviera, and it extends from Menton that is close to the Italian border till the Saint Tropez. You can even get to see thousands of sun worshippers in this location during the summer season. If you love beaches, you can spend a comfortable time in this location with friends and family members.

Mont Blanc

The French Alps has its highest peak in Mont Blanc that stands at a height of 4800 meters. It also acts as a border between Italy and France. The stunning visuals of the mountain covered in snow attract thousands of adventure sports enthusiasts every year. It is well known for skiing and rock climbing activities. People not interested in adventures can enjoy the scenic beauty of Chamonix village at the foothills of the mountain.