Discover The Bozeman Trail And More At Bozeman Montana

Bozeman in Montana, located in Big Sky country is a unique place for adventure and culture. If you love the outdoors and the arts, you will fall in love with this town. This town is built around the Montana State University and the vibes of the school and college environment makes it cultural, casual and young. There are several cultural events held here through the year, from performances like Shakespeare in the Parks to musical symphony concerts.  Bozeman is a great place to visit if you enjoy culture and the arts.

The town is part of Gallatin County. Located in the southwest part of the state, it is fourth largest in the state and has a metropolitan area that comprises of all the business and commercial activities.

History of the place dates back to 1864 when the town was formed and named after John M Bozeman, the founder of the Bozeman Trail. The town was incorporated officially in 1883 when a city council was formed.

When you are here and strolling the streets of the town, Bridger Bowl Ski Area is a must visit. During the winter months the ski resort here is fully booked so reserve in advance. There are skiing and snowboarding facilities to be found here that are popular with the winter tourists.

Visit Museum of the Rockies that has a well known collection showcasing dinosaur fossils. There are several native history and regional history exhibits here as well.

Once you have visited the above places you can move on to checking out the Bozeman Trail. It is an overland route that connects the Oregon Trail to the gold rush region of the state. This is an important period of discovery; going by the trail will help you discover many facts about that period and the region.

Gallatin is another history museum here that has photo archives and regional artifacts to explore.

If you have time and energy to discover more, check out the local eateries here and the college vibes of the town. This however, changes as the town loses much of its population during the holiday seasons while academic sessions see students and professors thronging the place.