Cebu City – Ancient Museums to Culinary Delights

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Cebu City is a metropolitan in southern The Philippines is known to be a bustling hub of the country. When I came by here it was a city that does not have pleasant cityscapes to offer but there are several colonial-era historic buildings here as well as universities that give it a unique character.

City Attractions

I discovered several unique features here such as universities and language schools which make the English speaking populace more here. Filipinos come here from different parts of the country to study, either take up college or language courses. There is a bustling food and the club scene here and it is a delight to dine out in different eateries, experimenting with different cuisine.

Tourist Attractions

If you are new here, I would recommend that you take assistance from a guide to go around the city. My tour here comprised of Basilica Minoredel Santo Nino which is considered one of the holiest churches in the city with a Flemish statuette which dates back to Magellan days.

Next stop for me was MuseoSugbo; it is a museum with many galleries housed inside a coral stone building that dates back to 1870. Casa Gordo museum is also a stop in most of the local tours; I learned that it holds artifacts and was a private home of one of the leading families here, the Gorordos.

I also found Fort San Pedro to be an interesting stop which served as an army garrison. A place of natural attraction was Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary where tropical gardens of the founder’s home include about 55 species of butterflies.


Being a city with several cuisine options, I visited Maya for a classy meal that was dominantly Mexican; Cafe Laguna had several local foods on the menu while Rico’s Lechon has several Filipino delicacy dishes such as Lechon or the roasted pig dish.