Attractions to Experience in Paris

Paris is the capital city of France; it is also the most populous. The city is also known as a center of science, arts, fashion, finance and commerce in Europe. This city has the third highest GDP in the world as well as the largest GDP of the European Union. The administrative limits of the city lie on the island that lies on the arc of the river Seine. The city has two international airports and has a Paris metro that serves about 5.3 million passengers on a daily basis, making it the second busiest metro system, second to the Moscow Metro. It also has one of the busiest railway stations, the Gare du Nord.

When you visit this fashion and cultural capital city, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of places that are there worth seeing. You will want to make a visit to the Eiffel tower to be first on your list. This 19th century tower is known to be 324 meters in height. Made by Gustave Eiffel, it is made of wrought iron with elevators and steps that can take you to observation decks on different levels of the tower.

The Louvre is the next landmark art museum you must add to your places to visit in this city. This art museum is known to have a vast collection of art works that range from Mona Lisa of Da Vinci of Roman sculptures of varied significance.

Notre Dame de Paris is the next place that you should have on your itinerary here. It is an iconic landmark that is a Gothic church; it is a 13th century cathedral that has gargoyles, flying buttresses and other specimens to check out.

Arc De Triumphe is a national monument as well as a triumphal arc to discover here. This iconic structure was built to commemorate victories of Napoleon and has an observation deck.

You should make your way to Sacre-Coeur in Paris, which are a white basilica and a landmark structure on a hilltop. This is a domed and the iconic white church here that was completed in 1914. The interiors have stained glass windows, crypt and interiors of mosaic works.