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Caesarea – The Commercialized City

Related imageThis is the kind of city which stays true to the statement ‘old is gold’ but also maintains its reputation in this modern and commercialized world. The city is popular because it is not governed by any government but it is run by the private corporations of the city. Caesarea is the only city all around Israel with practices like this. Being an ancient city you will be able to spot several ruins and historical monuments that holds a crucial place in the history of the city, and being recognized as a commercial city, there are several sky glass high rise buildings most of them run by the private organizations. These are my recommendations for you to visit the city.

Hisham’s Palace

The one of a kind architectural palace was once home to the ruling empires of the fifteenth century and has been remained untouched ever since. There are many spooky stories that are related to this palace. They offer you a very distinctive tour to that palace at the night time. You can sign up for the tour and go with locals, you can even camp the night here with other locals, you will have a bonfire and their traditional drink with some food and go on listening to all those exceptionally amazing stories. And you might get scared, I know I did.

Wadi Qelt

If you want to experience heaven, it is right here. This lush green valley is outside the city boundaries in the southernmost region. The whole valley is surrounded by large mountains giving you a very picturesque look all around. You can come here with your family and hang out for as long as you want. You can walk to the trails through the mountains and take a panoramic look of the valley from the highest peak of the mountain.