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Palmela A Quick Travel Guide For The Place

If you are planning a trip to Palmela and you are seeking information about the city, then you have landed on the right page. I have visited the city once and explored its inner beauty. I will share my experience with the town. The town is a charming one and what adds more charm in it is, it is located around the fortified castle at the height of around 1200 meters. It is the at the peak mountain range of Arrábida. The place has a rich history and offers mesmerizing views of the landscape. Let’s have a look at other attractions of the city.


  • Nature Park of Arrabida


It is a protected area and it is spread in the area of 108 Square Kilometers. It is located between the city of Setubal and town of Sesimbra. The hill of Palmela and sea is also close to the park. All these give a wonderful look to the part. There are three famous beaches here Galapinhos, Figueirinha, and Portinho Da Arraba. The beaches are famous among people Lisbon as well as the nearby area.


  • Península De Troia


Troia beach is very long and this is the reason for its popularity. Either you are looking for some relaxing time or want to enjoy water sport; this is the perfect place for you in Palmela.


  • Roman Ruins of Troy


At the place, you will get a glimpse of the Roman era. Roman ruins of Troy not only give you the historical knowledge, but the mesmerizing beauty of the place will also please you.


  • Troia Beach


This is a vibrant beach offering you lots of fun and entertainment along with that you can enjoy here the adventure as well. If you enjoy swimming, swim here. If you enjoy sunbathing, do that too. Lots of water sports are also available here.