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Budapest: Spend Your Vacation In The Quiet Yet Trendy City

Love exploring new places? Pack your bags and get set go to Budapest! This capital city is the perfect mix of a fascinating history and a brilliant contemporary artistic style. Much of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.


Budapest has an architecture filled with effects from many eras including baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau. Most of the buildings that you would see today were built during the 19th century.

About Budapest

The city has a very interesting history which can be explored at every turn. The wholes and shrapnel pockmarks on the buildings from the WWII and 1956 are surprising. The poignant Shoes on the Danube memorial and the ‘sword’ of the former secret-police building on Andrássyút now beaten into the ‘ploughshare’ that is the “House of Terror” give you the stories from the both sides.


The Hungarian food is not just limited to goulash. The city is known for the most sophisticated styles of cooking in Europe and has a great reputation as a food capital. You can find a list of fine diners as well as restaurants to choose from. Budapest also has some excellent wines that have beautifully aged. These range from Eger’s complex reds and Somló’s flinty whites to honey-sweet Tokaj.

Pamper yourself

The part that I loved about the city apart from its fascinating history was the abundance of hot springs. These hot springs have been giving the locals as well as the tourists the times of their lives since the time of the Romans. Another reason to love Budapest is the choice of bathhouses which real your mind, body and soul.

From visiting the Buda Hills to the Buda Castle Hill Funicular, I somewhere fell in love with the city and would definitely visit the place again.