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Dublin: Explore The Unexplored Countryside Of Dublin

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is famous for its culture, beautiful scenarios and booze. Their culture and the people are friendly, lively and rich in diversity.

Kilmainham Gaol will always be associated with the 1916 executions. But the thousand years of history and being one of the largest unoccupied jails in Europe and the tales of thousands of prisoners to be told, will always lure travelers. Life in the prison was brutal, but the tour is brilliant and spooky.

If you need to eat Friday night alive, just like I did, accept no substitutes. Start with juicy pork ribs or brisket in the Bison Bar. Toast your adventures with Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour. Wander into a gig in the Main Room and pinball between the rooms until you’re in the mood to dance all night.

I liked the combination of cut-edge and abandon of the after-hours of the city so I suggest The Workman’s is for you, great music, lively crowd, excellent beer/whiskey or any of the local drinks. Visit it if you love parties or the wildlife.

Saint Stephen’s Green is a treat for nature lovers. The greenery soothes your eyes and the calmness soothes your soul. Near it you’ll find Aungier Danger, purveyor of killer doughnuts (do try the lemon poppy seed). Or I suggest, grab an ice-cream cone from Murphy’s and try to race to the Stephen’s Green before it melts off.

Where to stay

  • Barnacles hostel Dublin (free Wi-Fi and breakfast).
  • Maldron Hotel Parnell Square.
  • The Westbury Hotel (quiet peace).
  • Jury’s Inn in Christchurch.

The possibilities don’t end here. Dublin has something to offer to everyone. Whether you like pubs or quite artistic place, be it whiskey or beer, Dublin is ready to make you fall in love with its culture. If you love meeting new people, brewery culture and are looking to add more rich experiences in your life, then grab your passport and plan your Dublin trip now.