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Venice: Live The Romance Of Venice, This Holidays

One of the most beautifully crafted city masterpieces is Venice. The undoubtedly magnificent engineering wonder in Italy is built on surprisingly impressive hundred islands in a marshy lagoon.

Personally, when I talk about Venice, I usually get some sort of cloudy boat vibe imagery that is very famous in certain movies and even on a few of my favorite video games. On researching it happens to be called a gondola, a boat in Venetian style with a flat bottom. You might be aware about the popularity of this place by its canals and the architecture, but are you aware that Venice happens to be one of the expensive places to be around especially as a tourist that took on a budget. Well but everything goes fine if you know where, when and how to expend on things.

  • Money to keep

On an average you must have at least $50 to $80 ready on hand for the usual expenses like the food, accommodation and travel expenses along with a small extra stipend incase of some medical urgency.

  • Food

Well when talking about food in Italy, pasta, pizza, cicchetti are few of the very common available items at cheap prices, though Venice is probably not the best place to have authentic pizza as ovens made out of wood is prohibited on this island.

  • Accommodation

Now coming to accommodations, facilities, it isn’t exactly the best place to stay considering the prices that can go as high as 60 or 70 Euros for a usual sort of a bed in a dorm room especially during the peak times around May to November. Instead, staying at the mainland district Lido is one of the best bets wherein you don’t really get affected by the extra charges of daily city taxes that range from 0.20 to 3 Euros.

Now there comes a certain myth along with travelling Venice that says spending a day is enough for this place. Um, not really, just like any other place around the world, Venice needs at least 2 days to be explored and enjoyed to get the real essence of its beauty.

  • Places to visit

Few of the must see places and events around Venice are Doge Palace, Rialto Bridge & Market, Venice Carnival, Regata Storica, Voga Longa, St Mark’s Cathedral or simply hop on for a free walking tour. Another worth its tip that must be noted, is to get a museum pass which gives shot access to all the seven museums along with museums on the St Marks square.

Murano, Burano, Lido and Torcello can be considered as the potential places for day excursions.

Lastly, when talking about transportation, considering the built of the city with small lanes and alleys, walking proves to be the best among the other options like Traghetti and Vaporetto.