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Indie Vibes And Healthy Outdoors At Eugene Oregon

Eugene in Oregon is another option besides the popular city of Portland. This city has a youthful vibe and has emerged as a bed of indie culture in recent times. Located in Pacific Northwest region of the state, it is on the east of the Oregon Coast and lies at the confluence of Williamette and McKenzie rivers.

Eugene is also known as the second most populous city of the state, after Portland. It forms part of the Eugene-Springfield-Oregon metropolitan area which sees many commercial and business establishments here. However, as a visitor to the city, you will find several other aspects of it attractive. For instance, Lane Community College and University of Oregon are located here whose campuses are a pleasure to explore. The natural environment around the city is well preserved and that promotes a number of recreational activities like biking, running, rafting, kayaking in the nearby rivers.

Before we explore the modern attractions of the city, it would be interesting to note the history of the place. The first settlers here were the Kalapuyans, also known as Calapooya. They were wandering tribes who moved around the country to collect food and returned to their winter villages to fish, trade and hunt.

Eugene is also known as Track Town which is the center of a counter culture of the hippie movement which started in the sixties. The residents retain liberal attitudes which are evident in the urban lifestyles of the people here. The green parks and fine eateries that dot the urban landscape showcase how the city lives up to the slogan of A Great City for Arts and Outdoors. The playground for activities are several such as cycling through the vineyards or kayaking in the white waters. As a visitor to this city you too can take up these activities and enjoy the active, healthy vibe of the environment.

Among the different landmarks to see around the city, there is Alton Baker Park, which has canoeing and picnic options. This park spans 373 acres and comprises of a playground, picnic sites, a dog park and boat launch.

You could also visit Hendricks Park, which comprises of 80 acres of trees, trails and picnic areas.

An amazing lake resort destination in Chelan Washington you must check out!

A scenic place close to Washington is Chelan. This is a town located in the Lake Chelan Valley. Being a great place to visit as well as relocate, this valley has several recreational opportunities that span four seasons. There are shopping districts that are charming and vineyards that are the basis of a developing wine industry here.

Residents here can find easy access to different places across the state with quality infrastructure; what you will find here as a tourist are scenic outdoors, dreamy vineyards to walk through and stop by as well as art and cuisine that makes this community town a cultural hub in the region. The Lake Chelan Valley has a distinct community life as found in small towns; simply linger by the streets or stop at the cafes to take in the local life and vibes around town. Most people know each other and have participative events that lead to a richer quality of life here.

History of the place showcases how this valley was carved out from glacier floods. The Lake is 55 miles long and 1500 feet deep. That makes it the third deepest lake in the country as well as the longest lake to be found in the state of Washington. With clear blue skies and a vibrant summer, this is the perfect time to visit this area. It has a beach feel with the rugged mountains that loom at the back. The remote town Stehekin which lies by the far end of the lake offers a space for people to unwind amidst nature and being off the grid for some time.

Besides the lake side destinations here, take a hiking or a camping trip to Wenatchee National Forest. This alpine forest has wilderness areas, caves, lakes and campgrounds. The multi user trails span millions of acres.

By the lake is the Lake Chelan State Park. This recreational area comes with camping, dock and boat ramp. It spans 127 acres and is located by the shores of the lake, providing scenic camp sites that families can enjoy over the weekend and holidays.

There are several other places you can enjoy here such as the Lake Chelan National Recreational Area, Slidewaters, Don Morse Memorial Park which has several recreational activities to offer.