Denver: The Weekend Getaway for Nature Admirers

Image result for denver coloradoDenver is situated in a picturesque valley on the High Plains of Colorado. It’s one of the United States’ healthier and active cities. It is located on the eastern side, at Rocky Mountain’s foothills. I wanted to visit this place because I was excited to know why it attracts all the big financial companies, key energy producers, and most importantly the innovative technology firms here. Some of the must-visit places in Denver are as follows:

The Washington Park

The Washington Park lies on the southern part of central Denver. It occupies a total area of 165 acres with ample facilities for the visitors and an atmosphere that can be thoroughly enjoyed by them. It boasts gardens, jogging paths, and two huge lakes, the main attraction of the park. You can have a brisk walk through the pathway. I simply sat and relaxed on the grass and enjoyed every bit of the park.

The Denver Zoo

When you are in Denver, you have to allow one day for visiting the zoo. Modeled after a nature preserve in Kenya, the Denver Zoo is home to approximately 4000 animals which includes black rhinos, orang-utans, kangaroos, and tigers. The zoo is spread across 80 acres of City Park. I recommend you to visit the zoo during their feeding time. You will surely have a lifetime experience there.

Botanic Garden Denver

The Botanic Garden at Denver features 50 massive gardens that visitors can explore. The Garden, spread across 24 acres, has different areas that are dedicated to specific environments boasting a wide variety of flora and fauna. On one hand you will see a traditional Japanese bonsai garden, and on the other hand, an area dedicated to exotic plants of the world. I preferred the guided tour because I wanted to know more about the gardens.

Cebu City – Ancient Museums to Culinary Delights

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Cebu City is a metropolitan in southern The Philippines is known to be a bustling hub of the country. When I came by here it was a city that does not have pleasant cityscapes to offer but there are several colonial-era historic buildings here as well as universities that give it a unique character.

City Attractions

I discovered several unique features here such as universities and language schools which make the English speaking populace more here. Filipinos come here from different parts of the country to study, either take up college or language courses. There is a bustling food and the club scene here and it is a delight to dine out in different eateries, experimenting with different cuisine.

Tourist Attractions

If you are new here, I would recommend that you take assistance from a guide to go around the city. My tour here comprised of Basilica Minoredel Santo Nino which is considered one of the holiest churches in the city with a Flemish statuette which dates back to Magellan days.

Next stop for me was MuseoSugbo; it is a museum with many galleries housed inside a coral stone building that dates back to 1870. Casa Gordo museum is also a stop in most of the local tours; I learned that it holds artifacts and was a private home of one of the leading families here, the Gorordos.

I also found Fort San Pedro to be an interesting stop which served as an army garrison. A place of natural attraction was Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary where tropical gardens of the founder’s home include about 55 species of butterflies.


Being a city with several cuisine options, I visited Maya for a classy meal that was dominantly Mexican; Cafe Laguna had several local foods on the menu while Rico’s Lechon has several Filipino delicacy dishes such as Lechon or the roasted pig dish.

Caesarea – The Commercialized City

Related imageThis is the kind of city which stays true to the statement ‘old is gold’ but also maintains its reputation in this modern and commercialized world. The city is popular because it is not governed by any government but it is run by the private corporations of the city. Caesarea is the only city all around Israel with practices like this. Being an ancient city you will be able to spot several ruins and historical monuments that holds a crucial place in the history of the city, and being recognized as a commercial city, there are several sky glass high rise buildings most of them run by the private organizations. These are my recommendations for you to visit the city.

Hisham’s Palace

The one of a kind architectural palace was once home to the ruling empires of the fifteenth century and has been remained untouched ever since. There are many spooky stories that are related to this palace. They offer you a very distinctive tour to that palace at the night time. You can sign up for the tour and go with locals, you can even camp the night here with other locals, you will have a bonfire and their traditional drink with some food and go on listening to all those exceptionally amazing stories. And you might get scared, I know I did.

Wadi Qelt

If you want to experience heaven, it is right here. This lush green valley is outside the city boundaries in the southernmost region. The whole valley is surrounded by large mountains giving you a very picturesque look all around. You can come here with your family and hang out for as long as you want. You can walk to the trails through the mountains and take a panoramic look of the valley from the highest peak of the mountain.


It is the 2nd largest city of the Central American country of Guatemala, its bliss to visit there. On my visit there, the architecture alongside the beauty of the diverse terrain really imprinted the site in my memory forever. Over there it is known by its indigenous name of Xela. Being the capital of Quetzaltenango department, one does not feel amiss in the hustle and bustle of a city whilst experiencing the wondrous nature of the Central American climate. To properly enjoy the climate, it is advised that one should visit in the months of Dec-Apr.

Santa Maria

One of the best attractions of the city was its active volcano of Santa Maria, which reaches a massive 12,256 feet high. It takes an average man about 3-4 hours of climbing from the nearby village of Llanos Del Pinal. But the hard work obtains a worthwhile fruit, as the view from the top is mesmerizing. On one side you can see the vast coastal line along with the marked cities and on the other hand, a live volcano, which erupts at least once an hour.


With the nature in pockets, the next attraction is the small town of Almolonga, which offers a live and vivid market on Saturdays and Wednesdays. It also hosts an annual festival during the last week of June, which is a must see. The city is home to a number of hot springs, like, El Rosario and Las Aguas Amargas.


Next to visit is the city of Cantel, which is a 20 min drive from Quetzaltenango. It is famous for the production of handmade blown glass. Also, just outside the village is an archaeological site of Chojolom.

San Juan Ostuncalco

This town is about 12 km away from Quetzaltenango and is a place where one can shop for all things from musical instruments to hand-woven materials to wicker furniture.

Palmela A Quick Travel Guide For The Place

If you are planning a trip to Palmela and you are seeking information about the city, then you have landed on the right page. I have visited the city once and explored its inner beauty. I will share my experience with the town. The town is a charming one and what adds more charm in it is, it is located around the fortified castle at the height of around 1200 meters. It is the at the peak mountain range of Arrábida. The place has a rich history and offers mesmerizing views of the landscape. Let’s have a look at other attractions of the city.


  • Nature Park of Arrabida


It is a protected area and it is spread in the area of 108 Square Kilometers. It is located between the city of Setubal and town of Sesimbra. The hill of Palmela and sea is also close to the park. All these give a wonderful look to the part. There are three famous beaches here Galapinhos, Figueirinha, and Portinho Da Arraba. The beaches are famous among people Lisbon as well as the nearby area.


  • Península De Troia


Troia beach is very long and this is the reason for its popularity. Either you are looking for some relaxing time or want to enjoy water sport; this is the perfect place for you in Palmela.


  • Roman Ruins of Troy


At the place, you will get a glimpse of the Roman era. Roman ruins of Troy not only give you the historical knowledge, but the mesmerizing beauty of the place will also please you.


  • Troia Beach


This is a vibrant beach offering you lots of fun and entertainment along with that you can enjoy here the adventure as well. If you enjoy swimming, swim here. If you enjoy sunbathing, do that too. Lots of water sports are also available here.

Budapest: Spend Your Vacation In The Quiet Yet Trendy City

Love exploring new places? Pack your bags and get set go to Budapest! This capital city is the perfect mix of a fascinating history and a brilliant contemporary artistic style. Much of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.


Budapest has an architecture filled with effects from many eras including baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau. Most of the buildings that you would see today were built during the 19th century.

About Budapest

The city has a very interesting history which can be explored at every turn. The wholes and shrapnel pockmarks on the buildings from the WWII and 1956 are surprising. The poignant Shoes on the Danube memorial and the ‘sword’ of the former secret-police building on Andrássyút now beaten into the ‘ploughshare’ that is the “House of Terror” give you the stories from the both sides.


The Hungarian food is not just limited to goulash. The city is known for the most sophisticated styles of cooking in Europe and has a great reputation as a food capital. You can find a list of fine diners as well as restaurants to choose from. Budapest also has some excellent wines that have beautifully aged. These range from Eger’s complex reds and Somló’s flinty whites to honey-sweet Tokaj.

Pamper yourself

The part that I loved about the city apart from its fascinating history was the abundance of hot springs. These hot springs have been giving the locals as well as the tourists the times of their lives since the time of the Romans. Another reason to love Budapest is the choice of bathhouses which real your mind, body and soul.

From visiting the Buda Hills to the Buda Castle Hill Funicular, I somewhere fell in love with the city and would definitely visit the place again.

Dublin: Explore The Unexplored Countryside Of Dublin

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is famous for its culture, beautiful scenarios and booze. Their culture and the people are friendly, lively and rich in diversity.

Kilmainham Gaol will always be associated with the 1916 executions. But the thousand years of history and being one of the largest unoccupied jails in Europe and the tales of thousands of prisoners to be told, will always lure travelers. Life in the prison was brutal, but the tour is brilliant and spooky.

If you need to eat Friday night alive, just like I did, accept no substitutes. Start with juicy pork ribs or brisket in the Bison Bar. Toast your adventures with Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour. Wander into a gig in the Main Room and pinball between the rooms until you’re in the mood to dance all night.

I liked the combination of cut-edge and abandon of the after-hours of the city so I suggest The Workman’s is for you, great music, lively crowd, excellent beer/whiskey or any of the local drinks. Visit it if you love parties or the wildlife.

Saint Stephen’s Green is a treat for nature lovers. The greenery soothes your eyes and the calmness soothes your soul. Near it you’ll find Aungier Danger, purveyor of killer doughnuts (do try the lemon poppy seed). Or I suggest, grab an ice-cream cone from Murphy’s and try to race to the Stephen’s Green before it melts off.

Where to stay

  • Barnacles hostel Dublin (free Wi-Fi and breakfast).
  • Maldron Hotel Parnell Square.
  • The Westbury Hotel (quiet peace).
  • Jury’s Inn in Christchurch.

The possibilities don’t end here. Dublin has something to offer to everyone. Whether you like pubs or quite artistic place, be it whiskey or beer, Dublin is ready to make you fall in love with its culture. If you love meeting new people, brewery culture and are looking to add more rich experiences in your life, then grab your passport and plan your Dublin trip now.

Venice: Live The Romance Of Venice, This Holidays

One of the most beautifully crafted city masterpieces is Venice. The undoubtedly magnificent engineering wonder in Italy is built on surprisingly impressive hundred islands in a marshy lagoon.

Personally, when I talk about Venice, I usually get some sort of cloudy boat vibe imagery that is very famous in certain movies and even on a few of my favorite video games. On researching it happens to be called a gondola, a boat in Venetian style with a flat bottom. You might be aware about the popularity of this place by its canals and the architecture, but are you aware that Venice happens to be one of the expensive places to be around especially as a tourist that took on a budget. Well but everything goes fine if you know where, when and how to expend on things.

  • Money to keep

On an average you must have at least $50 to $80 ready on hand for the usual expenses like the food, accommodation and travel expenses along with a small extra stipend incase of some medical urgency.

  • Food

Well when talking about food in Italy, pasta, pizza, cicchetti are few of the very common available items at cheap prices, though Venice is probably not the best place to have authentic pizza as ovens made out of wood is prohibited on this island.

  • Accommodation

Now coming to accommodations, facilities, it isn’t exactly the best place to stay considering the prices that can go as high as 60 or 70 Euros for a usual sort of a bed in a dorm room especially during the peak times around May to November. Instead, staying at the mainland district Lido is one of the best bets wherein you don’t really get affected by the extra charges of daily city taxes that range from 0.20 to 3 Euros.

Now there comes a certain myth along with travelling Venice that says spending a day is enough for this place. Um, not really, just like any other place around the world, Venice needs at least 2 days to be explored and enjoyed to get the real essence of its beauty.

  • Places to visit

Few of the must see places and events around Venice are Doge Palace, Rialto Bridge & Market, Venice Carnival, Regata Storica, Voga Longa, St Mark’s Cathedral or simply hop on for a free walking tour. Another worth its tip that must be noted, is to get a museum pass which gives shot access to all the seven museums along with museums on the St Marks square.

Murano, Burano, Lido and Torcello can be considered as the potential places for day excursions.

Lastly, when talking about transportation, considering the built of the city with small lanes and alleys, walking proves to be the best among the other options like Traghetti and Vaporetto.

Healdsburg In Wine Country Of California

Healdsburg in Sonoma County of California might be a small town, but it has gained the reputation to be one of the top small towns to discover in the country. That definitely raises the intrigue of many. Located in the wine country, the town holds a population of about 11000 people. While the neighboring areas like Sonoma and Napa get more visitors, this is a quaint California town is worth a visit as well. It will also be a quieter place to stay, especially if you are looking to get away from the crowd.

It is not too inconvenient to get here, considering it is located about 65 miles away from San Francisco, which makes it a weekend getaway destination for many. Healdsburg gets recognized, more for three prominent wine producing regions that are located here, the Alexander Valley Avas, Russian River and the Dry Creek. This is a beautiful area to experience amazing wine and culture.

History of the place indicates how the native settlers here were part of the Pomo tribe. They constructed villages by the Russian River. The early settlers here comprised of Russians and Mexicans who contribute the unique and mixed cultural ethnicity of the place.

Today the town is known for its tourism and its vineyards. Healdsburg Plaza is a small park that you can visit here that has a gazebo in the center with benches. There are different festivals and musical events that are hosted here. Unlike other sprawling park areas in the country, this park is only one acre.

Healdsburg Veterans Memorial Beach is a riverfront park that has a beach area and is popular for swimming. The sandy shores of the Russian river offer picnic spots, convenient parking and restrooms. With lifeguards on watch, it is a safe and secure place to spend the day with your friends and family.

Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Preserve is known for picturesque hiking trails. If you venture for hiking this area you will find wetlands and grasslands that are scenic and nice to discover along the way.

Healdsburg Museum has local exhibits that showcase historic artifacts as well as has rotating exhibits. It also has a research center and a library for the local communities.

Indie Vibes And Healthy Outdoors At Eugene Oregon

Eugene in Oregon is another option besides the popular city of Portland. This city has a youthful vibe and has emerged as a bed of indie culture in recent times. Located in Pacific Northwest region of the state, it is on the east of the Oregon Coast and lies at the confluence of Williamette and McKenzie rivers.

Eugene is also known as the second most populous city of the state, after Portland. It forms part of the Eugene-Springfield-Oregon metropolitan area which sees many commercial and business establishments here. However, as a visitor to the city, you will find several other aspects of it attractive. For instance, Lane Community College and University of Oregon are located here whose campuses are a pleasure to explore. The natural environment around the city is well preserved and that promotes a number of recreational activities like biking, running, rafting, kayaking in the nearby rivers.

Before we explore the modern attractions of the city, it would be interesting to note the history of the place. The first settlers here were the Kalapuyans, also known as Calapooya. They were wandering tribes who moved around the country to collect food and returned to their winter villages to fish, trade and hunt.

Eugene is also known as Track Town which is the center of a counter culture of the hippie movement which started in the sixties. The residents retain liberal attitudes which are evident in the urban lifestyles of the people here. The green parks and fine eateries that dot the urban landscape showcase how the city lives up to the slogan of A Great City for Arts and Outdoors. The playground for activities are several such as cycling through the vineyards or kayaking in the white waters. As a visitor to this city you too can take up these activities and enjoy the active, healthy vibe of the environment.

Among the different landmarks to see around the city, there is Alton Baker Park, which has canoeing and picnic options. This park spans 373 acres and comprises of a playground, picnic sites, a dog park and boat launch.

You could also visit Hendricks Park, which comprises of 80 acres of trees, trails and picnic areas.