© Tenino Lodge 2012 Tenino #86 Welcomes you Picture Galleries Upcoming Tenino Events Events Monthly Message from WB Hank on Wednesday November 20th 2013.       Fr L to R Bob Glenn, Baxter Harwood, SW Darrell Stubblefield, WM Hank Liendecker, JW John Vivian, Secretary Clayton Lavigne, Rod Avery Back: Larry John,Steve, Ken, Ed 2013 Officers TENINO LODGE                                                      “The Fun Lodge” Winter Schedule 150 This is my last message as Master.  I have greatly enjoyed my year in the East and I believe we have accomplished a great deal particularly by expanding our program of events. We lost John but we saw him out with a great deal of style.  Now it’s on to the Masters’ Roast and Installation - two events that fill the Lodge. Happy Christmas all. Our learned & distinguished visitor RWB Ben Franklin aka WB Phill Rice of Franklin #5. The new Lodge phone number is (360) 523-3843 November 21st - 6:30 p.m. - Thanksgiving Dinner bring the whole family. followed by two MM Degrees December 5th - Masters’ Roast - get tickets from Derek for $20 - spit roasted buffalo December 7th - Installation at 3:00 p.m. to welcome Br Darrell and his Team. John Shull’s Memorial beautifully handled. We had over 170 people in attendance, mainly Masons with all of the Grand Officers in att- endance.  We had more than enough well presented food and members of all the Lodges pitched in. Our thoughts now turn to the future - 11/21 is Thanksgiving dinner and two MM degrees. 12/5 is the Masters’ Roast and 12/7 is Installation of Officers